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LC Floral, short for London to California,

represents my dual upbringing and love for both places that have shaped my life.

Growing up, I split my time between the UK and California, cherishing the unique qualities of each. At the age of 13, I discovered my passion for flowers while working as a Saturday Girl at a flower shop. The extraordinary beauty and individuality of flowers captivated me, especially those that seem to dance and demand attention with their gorgeousness. While working as an accountant for many years, I continued to pursue my love for flowers as a weekend flower warrior. However, the pandemic deepened my connection to this passion, and I decided to bet on myself and become an event florist. Now, I pour my dedication, passion, and love into every floral design, creating arrangements that tell a story and evoke emotions such as romance, calm, joy, and love. When working with clients, I always ask about their vision and what makes their heart smile and skip a beat. I am here to help you achieve that vision and create an unforgettable experience.


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