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Welcome to LC Floral: A Tale of Blooms and Bicoastal Beauty, where we celebrate the fusion of London and California, reflecting a deep-rooted love for both locales and the unique inspirations they offer.
At LC Floral, our journey began amidst the vibrant landscapes of the UK and California, where a profound appreciation for the distinct charm of each region took root. The seeds of my floral passion were sown at the tender age of 13, as I immersed myself in the world of flowers while working as a Saturday Girl in a local flower shop. It was there that I was captivated by the enchanting allure and unique character of flowers, igniting a lifelong love affair with botanical artistry.
While pursuing a career in accounting, my weekends were spent as a dedicated "flower warrior,"nurturing and honing my passion for floral design. However, it was the challenges posed by the pandemic that served as a catalyst, reaffirming my deep-seated connection to the world of flowers. This pivotal moment encouraged me to take a leap of faith, transitioning into the realm of event floristry.
Today, at LC Floral, every floral creation is imbued with unwavering dedication, passion, and love. Each arrangement unfolds a narrative, evoking emotions of romance, tranquility, joy, and love. Through collaborative partnerships with our clients, we delve into their unique visions, seeking to understand the essence of what makes their hearts dance. Our mission is to bring these visions to life, crafting an unforgettable experience through the timeless language of flowers.
Explore LC Floral's wedding florist services, where we seamlessly blend bicoastal beauty into your special day. Our bespoke floral designs are meticulously curated to reflect the individuality of each couple, infusing your wedding with the charm and elegance inspired by both London and California.
At LC Floral, we invite you to embark on a floral journey that intertwines the beauty of two distinct worlds, creating a tapestry of blooms that will adorn your special day with unforgettable splendor.
Contact us today to begin weaving the story of your wedding day with the vibrant hues and delicate fragrances of our exquisite floral designs. Let LC Floral transform your wedding into an enchanting celebration of bicoastal beauty and botanical artistry.

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