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Dried Flower Bar LC Floral Designer.png

Dried Flower Bar

Make a Bouquet to Take on Your Way

LC Floral Designers Dried Flower Bar is an exclusive opportunity to unleash your inner florist; explore your creativity and enjoy a fun, relaxing, unique experience.

We provide an extensive selection of delightful dried and preserved blooms from Bunny Tail to Pampas Grass. 

You can select the blooms that bring you the most joy, to create your own custom bouquet. We are available to guide and support you with your creative exploration when needed. 


Take your hand-wrapped custom bouquets home with you to enjoy and remember your day. 


Our dried blooms are sustainable, eco-friendly, and will last up to 1 year.


Please get in touch for more information about bringing our exclusive Dried Flower Bar to your event. 

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